Why should the grown ups have all the fun decorating the Christmastree!

Instead of standing guard at the foot of your preciously adorned tree, diving to catch falling glass baubles while your toddler shakes the base, before running away dragging fairy lights in his trail…why not just give them their very own pint sized felt tree complete with decorations and star shaped topper!

You can carry the Montessori principal of the prepared environment throughout the house, by making a Christmas tree that is fully accessible, without restriction, to decorate however your little one sees fit, gives a great sense of independence to the child. Watch them pick and choose, make decisions, arrange and order the decorations, giving them the freedom to be creative while gaining confidence and control in their actions.

Wow, with all that reasoning, you absolutely have to make a felt Christmas tree now!!

You have two choices for your tree shape, a simple triangle, or the fancy and realistic tree shape.


Our tree is 1m tall, start by folding your felt in half along the length of the tree. Rule a line from the crease at at the top to the outer corner at the base. Cut along the line and open out. That is your simple triangle tree.

To step it up a notch on the complexity ladder…start with the folded felt and draw a line as before for your basic triangle.  Use the outline of the triangle as a guide to draw in a a few ‘branches’.  You know how to do it…just like you used to do at school!!


To create the decorations you have several options. Mine are cut from felt, I used some Christmas cookie cutters as a template for some of the basic shapes, the pudding and baubles are just simple circles. I then adorned them with buttons and extra layers of felt, but you could use pom poms, ribbons, bows, anything that takes your fancy!

Felt is fab because it doesn’t fray, just cut the shape out and you are away. Add the adornments using a hot glue gun which sets fast. or PVA if you are patient and can wait for it to dry.

To turn the felt shapes into a moveable decorations you will need some velcro. Just the hook side. Cut into small squares and glue to the back of the shapes, the glue gun really is the best tool for the job, the decorations are withstanding a lot of toddler manhandling!  But again, I guess PVA would work as well., or a couple of tacking stitches even.


You can mount these trees almost anywhere, and what a great little activity at the little kids Christmas party. I mounted mine onto polystyrene using spray adhesive then cut around the felt with a craft knife for some extra dimension before fixing them to the wall.

For the fixing have a look at Command Strips which I found at the craft store. They are used to hang pictures and are temporary and removable with no damage to the walls.

You can make it as simple or decorative as you like, just have a rummage at the craft store for anything that you can attach a square of velcro to and turn into a decoration! If you are feeling extra lazy you could even buy the felt decorations and glue your own velcro to the back of them!!!



Please add your thoughts and comments, it makes me happy!