ging men

Lack of sleep has finally caught up with me.  It didn’t just casually saunter up alongside me.  No, it hunted me down and turned my gingerbread biscuits into purple cardboard cut-outs, then tripped me up and sent my iPhone bombing down the toilet.  It’s been a bad day or two!

rice phone

My poor drowned iPhone is sat drying out in a bag of brown basmati rice (even the phone gets the organic treatment!)

The poor gingerbread men are sat on the bird table…high energy, wholemeal, organic bird food for the lucky squirrels!

I am handling it pretty well, much better than I expected, not a single tear shed…I guess that’s what having a baby does to you.

ginge men2

I had wanted to share a recipe for gingerbread baby biscuits, but my attempt failed.  I planned to use grape juice to sweeten the dough, but I could only find red grape juice.  It could have turned out OK, but I must have got a bit overexcited as the mixture started turning purple, and I totally forgot to add the vegetable oil to the mix.  They were OK hot from the oven, but as they cooled down, the little guy struggled to make a dent on the ginger body.

At least for next time I know to up the amount of ginger, turn down the oven, take them out sooner…and add the oil.  It could avert a second baking disaster.

But when I am in charge of a wooden spoon…

No ingredients are safe!!!

Gingerbread baby recipe coming soon.

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