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            About us

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            Zhejiang Huifeng AutoParts MFG Co.,Ltd. (The previous Yuhuan Huancheng AutoParts Manufacturing Factory) established in 1984, is located in Yuhuan, an opening seaport city along the coast of the East Sea in Zhejiang Province. It is very convenient in transportation.

            Huifeng has been approved as the High-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It covers an area of 9900 Square meters,. Currently, there are about 580 employees in our company. including 180 junior and senior administrators and technicians. Its products have been widely used in steering, steering column, brake, booster, pipe joint and other parts in automobiles,which can be divided into four series, Brake Tongs Series,Booster Series,Steering Engine Series and Chassis Series. The main customers of Huifeng are the world large group companies like: Shanghai Volkswagen,  Bosch,Continental, Thyssenkrupp,etc. The products are popular both in domestic and international market.

            The company has strong comprehensive strength and advanced production and testing equipments. It has realized its mass production and been entitled as the advanced enterprise for scale benefit. It has also received honors of Top 20 enterprises. The company has the TS16949 certification and ISO14001 certification. Over years of development, Huifeng always adhere to the management philosophy of “building Top1 team, making Top1 products and providing Top1 services” and try to make continuous innovation and progress.

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