Surprise…It’s A Baby! Kate, Wills And Some Breastfeeding Stats.

July 23, 2013 in All, Breastfeeding by wildandwisdom


It’s a baby!  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed a son into the world on Monday, July 22nd, 2013 weighing 8lb 6oz.

There will be all manner of overexposure for weeks to come, TV specials, post baby body watch, mum and baby fashion updates…In fact, as I write this, the royal hairdresser has entered the Lindow wing!!!!  Cue papparazzi scrum…

Of course, being totally obsessed with boobs, what really excites me is the prospect of Kate publicly breast feeding her new born baby for years to come.  What better way to inspire a new wave of support for breast feeding than with the highest profile advocate the world may see for generations to come.

Ok, that’s a lot of pressure for one first time young mum!

It is unlikely that Kate will be flashing her breasts in public, but I do wish her luck in her private breast feeding challenge.  Should she take it up, there is a wealth of information, supportive blogs and inspirational posts by thousands of mums being shared through this wonderful online community.

It got me wondering about the statistics.  NHS published the findings of the Infant Feeding Survey which takes place every 5 years.  The last survey published in 2012 shows the following points for the UK as a whole:

At Birth     Exclusive    69%     Mixed    81%
1 Week      Exclusive   46%      Mixed 69%
6 Weeks    Exclusive   23%      Mixed 55%
3 Months  Exclusive   17%
4 Months  Exclusive   12%
6 Months  Exclusive   1%        Mixed 34%

Although all of the figures show a small increase on the previous survey,  the six month mark has remained as small a percentage as ever.  Just a tiny 1%.   The trend for mixed breast and formula feeding is encouraging to a point, but suggests that mothers may not have total confidence in their milk production, and health professionals may be fuelling these worries and encouraging supplementation (one of my many theories.)

Maybe Kate will start her own blog!  I wonder if she knows about breast milk donation? Did you feel the pressure to breast feed and was it an external pressure, or a personal determination?